What Are The Warning Signs Of A Bad Fuel Pump?

What Are The Warning Signs Of A Bad Fuel Pump?

Motorized vehicles have been around for centuries. While they were initially a luxury available only to the wealthiest of individuals, nowadays they are a relied upon mode of transportation for the masses. Vehicles require most components to be fully operational in order to be properly functional. Knowingly driving a vehicle with faulty machinery can be incredibly dangerous. Fortunately, as time has progressed vehicle manufacturers have worked hard to assure its drivers are aware of any issues by integrating many overt and nuanced warnings. As such vehicle owners should be aware of the many warning signs that are intended to alert a driver when something may be awry. One essential component to a functioning vehicle is a fuel pump. The purpose of a fuel pump is to maintain pressure in the fuel lines to assure there is a constant flow of fuel to the engine of a vehicle. If a fuel pump is malfunctioning a vehicle will simply not run properly. Below are six warning signs that may indicate a bad or failing fuel pump.

  1. Noise From The Fuel Tank

One of the first signs that a fuel pump may need attention is hearing loud noises coming from the fuel tank. A worn fuel pump will likely produce a howling sound and/ or loud whining noises when the vehicle is running. It is important to note that most fuel pumps emit a quiet humming sound when they are working properly. Do not be alarmed if you hear a quieter sound coming from your fuel pump, as it is likely normal. However, if you hear loud excessive sounds coming from your fuel pump it may be best to get it checked out.

  1. Difficulty Starting

Another sign of a problematic fuel pump is when a vehicle has a difficult time starting. Fuel pumps run whenever a vehicle’s ignition is turned on, which means they can weaken and/ or wear out over time. Although a weakened fuel pump may continue to pump, due to a lack of pressure the vehicle may have difficulty starting. A bad fuel pump may cause a vehicle to require multiple turns of the key before it will start. 

  1. Stalling At High Temperatures

When a vehicle frequently stalls at high temperatures (shown on the car’s thermometer) it can be indicative of several potential issues. When a vehicle has a combination of a rising temperature and regular stalling, it may indicate an issue with the fuel pump. If your vehicle continuously stalls and has an increasing temperature gauge your fuel pump may need to be replaced.

  1. Engine Sputtering

When driving at a high speed and you notice your engine suddenly sputter before returning to a reduced speed it may mean you have issues with your fuel pump. The reason for the sputtering could be due to your fuel pump being unable to provide the needed constant stream of fuel for the vehicle engine to run at its ideal pressure. 

  1. Low Gas Mileage

If you seem to be filling your gas tank more frequently than usual, it may be due to an issue with your fuel pump. A fuel pump with a faulty valve, for example, could result in more fuel than necessary pouring into the engine system, which would use more fuel than needed. Excess fuel in your engine is wasted, as it does not get used.  

  1. Loss Of Power Under Stress

Another indication that your fuel pump may be on the fritz is if you experience a loss of power when your vehicle is under stress (i.e. carrying a heavy load, driving uphill, quickly accelerating…etc.). The vehicle engine will shut down because the weakened and/ or damaged areas of the fuel pump are unable to meet the needs of and accommodate the vehicle’s heightened fuel demands. If the loss of power were the fault of the fuel pump, it would indicate that the fuel pump is not longer able to regulate fuel pressure accurately, which would make it impossible to provide an appropriate amount of fuel to the engine. 

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