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How Much Does A Tire Alignment Cost?

With all the moving parts, different systems, and intricacies, properly maintaining a car can sometimes seem overwhelming. However, you follow the recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual, effectively maintaining your car does not have to cause any angst or be at all difficult. When certain maintenance issues develop, that may not be addressed in the owner’s manual, it is important to address the issue as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for vehicle owners to wait on repairing what seems to be a minor repair, which can be dangerous. Furthermore, this can lead to tangential damages that can greatly increase the cost of the repair. For example, when an issue with wheel alignment develops, many will ignore the need for repair, as it is often something that can be addressed in a routine maintenance service. This can quickly turn from something that could have been a quick routine maintenance service to a costly repair. 

Wheel Alignment

When a vehicle is purchased from a dealership it comes with properly aligned tires; meaning the two back tires and the two front tires remain in consistent positions relative to each other. Tire alignment can quickly become off kilter and misaligned when driving over potholes and/ or on curbs. If your vehicle begins to drift to the side, in either direction, when you are holding the steering wheel centered, it may be indicative of misalignment. In some cases a steering wheel may begin to vibrate when the vehicle tires are misaligned. You can also notice if your wheels are misaligned by examining them and seeing dissimilar wear on some of your wheels but not others. 


All mechanics have different price points and cost ranges for their services. Some reputable mechanics can be quite costly, depending on the needed services. The cost of a tire alignment will not only depend on the specific location where you opt to have the service performed, but also the tire warranty length, the make and model of the vehicle as well as the cost of labor. A limited warranty typically covers the cost of routine maintenance services and some repairs for a specified period of time. Some car models may require specialized equipment and/ or have a design that makes the tire alignment process more complicated than others, which can impact the cost of the service. In these situations, mechanics will charge more money for additional time spent to complete the alignment and to cover the cost of the equipment. 

The average cost for a two-wheel tire alignment is between $50-$75 dollars. For a four-wheel tire alignment the cost will double. It is common for a mechanic or auto shop to recommend getting a tire rotation at the same time as the tire alignment. A tire rotation is when the tires are moved from front to back and side to side. This can help elongate the life of the tires as it promotes an even wear pattern on all tires. Most vehicle owner manuals will recommend getting a tire alignment approximately every 10,000 miles, but if something seems askew it should be done sooner. Depending on the driving style, road conditions, frequency of use and barring any minor accidents, some vehicle owners may not have to have their tires aligned for three to four years.  

When owning a vehicle it is helpful to be proactive in your maintenance practices than being forced to be reactive. Although spending money upfront to address a seemingly insignificant issue may seem undesirable, it can actually save you time and energy. Addressing issues immediately and adhering to the suggestions provided in vehicle owner’s manual can not only save you money in the long run, but can also increase the longevity of your vehicle. 

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