replacing cabin air filter

Tips For Cabin Air Filter Replacements

Cabin air filters act as a barrier, protecting the people riding inside a vehicle cabin from outside debris, dirt, and other airborne material. A cabin air filter is fundamental to an HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system functioning optimally, as the filter inhibits pollutants from entering and circulating in the vehicle’s interior cabin. Many individuals are aware that the cabin air filters in their vehicle should be changed regularly; yet few people consider undertaking this relatively simple task. It is typically recommended to replace the cabin air filter every 15,000 to 25,000 miles. However, it is best to reference your vehicle owner’s manual, as it will provide the exact recommendation for replacing your cabin air filter as it relates to the make, model and year of your car. Below are several tips to bear in mind when regarding cabin air filter replacements.


The precise location of the air filter will depend on your vehicle. The cabin air filter in some vehicles is located behind the glove box, which makes it easily accessible. In other vehicles it could be located in the engine compartment near the base of the windshield. It could also be located under the dashboard. 


There are a plethora of options available on the market for cabin air filter replacements. Many have generic designs that enable them to be used in many different vehicles. However, some options may not work for the make and model of your vehicle. You must make sure that the cabin air filter replacement you select is fully compatible with your vehicle. 

When In Doubt: Change It!

Although cabin air filters can last a while, if you start to notice a dirty, musty and/ or moldy odor coming from your vents it may be a sign that you should change it sooner than anticipated. You can never really change your cabin air filter too frequently. It may be unnecessary to have it changed sooner than needed, but a clean cabin air filter can improve the overall functioning of the HVAC system in your car. 


The cost for replacing the cabin air filter in your car usually ranges between $15 and $100. If you decide to replace the cabin air filter yourself, it will obviously only cost you the price of the replacement filter. If you decide to take your car to a mechanic to replace the cabin air filter it will cost you the price of the replacement filter in addition to the cost of labor.   

Further Information

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