Picking A Car To Restore?

Picking A Car To Restore?

There is nothing quite like driving an antique car, especially knowing you fully restored the vehicle that is humming under you while you're cruising on your joyride. Before you go out on a whim and purchase an old car to restore, you should take the proper steps to make sure your fun project doesn’t turn into a burdensome drain. There are several considerations to bear in mind when selecting a car you plan to restore. If you are thoughtful in your selection the process can be incredibly rewarding and satisfying. If you are careless in the initial stages of picking which car to restore you can wind up wasting an enormous amount of money and have a crushingly disappointing experience. Of course you will learn along the way, but the start point of your mechanical knowledge should weigh into they type of car you select. This can help you determine a vague understanding of the time and effort you will likely have to commit to for the restoration process. Below are some helpful considerations to keep in mind when picking a car to restore.

Pay Attention To Rust

It is not uncommon for vehicles that have been sitting idle to develop rust. Although rust damage may seem like a simple fix it can be incredibly time consuming and expensive to repair. Often repairing rust damage will require replacement of steel body panels. If body panels are unavailable it may require stripping the entire chassis (load-bearing base frame of the vehicle), sand blasting the metal and removing areas that are beyond repair. The areas that were removed must be replaced by welding new replacement sections to the newly rust-free chassis. Carrying out thorough rust repairs can be tedious and could require a certain comfort level with welding.  

Availability Of Replacement Parts

Ensuring the availability of replacement parts for the particular make, model and year of the vehicle you are restoring is essential. If you select a vehicle that has minimal aftermarket replacement parts, they may be prohibitively expensive to procure. If you are unable to secure a needed replacement part to continue with the restoration process, your project will come to an abrupt end. In order to stay on track and within your budget, prior to purchasing the car, it is helpful to make sure replacement parts will not be an insurmountable burden.

Choose A Car That Will Retain Value

The options of cars for sale to restore are countless. Most of them, however, are not worth much money, and no matter how exceptional a restoration job is executed, will not become valuable. Be sure to research which models are more valuable once they have been restored instead of impulsively settling on any suggested model. Make sure to consider your budget as well, because a vehicle with appreciation potential will likely cost more money to purchase up front. The purchase price of the unrestored car is only one fraction of the overall cost of the project. 

Consult An Expert

Rely on your network to secure some guidance prior to making your purchase. If this is your first time restoring a car it may behoove you to include a friend and/ or an acquaintance that has extensive auto restoration knowledge in your purchasing process. Obtaining feedback from someone with expert experience and a critical eye can ultimately save you money, time, and energy during the purchasing process. Their feedback during the purchasing process can also help you avoid unnecessary headaches and complications down the line. 

Unless you are a highly skilled mechanic, you should expect to run into some challenges that may require assistance. If you run into areas of the restoration process that you are uncomfortable navigating and are intending on restoring the vehicle to become fully operational, do not hesitate asking for and obtaining help. It is essential to carryout the restoration accurately so as to the make sure the vehicle is safe to drive. 

Further Information

As an automotive parts and supply shop with decades of experience we have access to extensive inventory. Northstar Automotive is staffed with incredibly knowledgeable professionals, dedicated to provide topnotch service to all its customers. Let us help you make sure you are equipped with everything you need to ensure all of your vehicles are in excellent shape. Please feel free to contact one of our sales associates for more information. 

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